I can remember like it was yesterday, using crayons and pencils drawing in my notepad of people and places. As a child I was involved in activities, such as dance, theater, and fine. Experiencing culture was instilled in me at an early age, inspiring me to pursue an education in fine art. I took fine art  houses outside of school and took regularly scheduled trips to museums. When I am working on a piece of art, I feel like I am expressing myself through what influences me, which is my family. I use different materials and images of relatives, friends, and musicians from Madonna to Aaliyah, to demonstrate how their artistic background contributed towards my creativity in fine art. 

When I started practicing fine art I used gouache, oil pastels, charcoal and color pencils, but as technology increased so did my mind. I ventured off to the technology field and started using applications on the computer but still remaining traditional using my own drawn illustrations I was able to transform what I was drawing to the computer application. These resources have given me ideas and outlets for me to create my artwork and focus in a career in the fine art.. These choices and influences has played an important role within my career path, as well as playing part in the fine art world.